How to get to the Parc Asterix by train?

The park Asterix has 6 universes and 32 attractions. This park plunges you into the Adventures of Asterix and Obelix. A number of provisions are therefore put in place To allow visitors to go to the Parc Asterix. How Go to the Parc Asterix by train? Asterix Park Attractions The epic From the album Asterix and Cleopatra is traced by two major attractions. However This park plunges you into the universe of the Roman Empire through 5 Attractions. Through the…

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What shows see the Parc Asterix in 2019?

Since it was created in the years 89, the Parc Asterix has Has ceased to be successful and is currently part of the most Famous of France. It is located in Plailly north of Paris and more Precisely in the Oise. As the name implies, it is dedicated to the small An ingenious Gaul named Asterix and the universe of Goscinny and Uderzo. The park's prowess is Remarkable since the number of visitors per year is estimated at almost 2…

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What are the activities for children at Parc Asterix?

Built in 1989 to 30 km north of Paris and more precisely to Plailly in the Oise department, the Asterix Park is a wonderful place Of attraction. It was created in the image of the world of the famous comic strip "Asterix The Gaul" directed by Goscinny and Uderzo. This park Among the best in France in terms of attendance because it is Receives, annually, nearly 2 million visitors. It offers various attractions and shows, distributed in 6 universes whose…

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What is the best season to go to Asterix Park?

We've all read the comics Or even watched the cartoons of Asterix and Obelix. Our Gallic friends have cradled Our childhood and will continue to rock our children's. This mythical scenario where a Gallic village resists the Roman Empire thanks to the magic potion concocted By the village Druid remains a classic. This mixture gave a strength Superhuman when we drank a few drops. It was generally given To Asterix unlike Obelix who had fallen into the pot when he…

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What are the best sensations attractions at Parc Asterix?

The park Asterix occupies a place of choice in the hearts of many visitors since 1989. Indeed, it is a reference to the level of Gallic families and well Others like Ostrogothic for example. Most of these families are headed for This original and dynamic theme park in search of a sensation Unforgettable. And that the park is not lacking. The Parc Asterix offers Varied and diverse attractions with giggles and shivers. In addition to the Attractions, the park also…

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Where to eat at the amusement park Asterix?

It is Always admitted to attach the useful to the pleasant. So after the walks and the Visits to the Parc Asterix, it is very important to find a very good Corner in order to enjoy culinary specialties. And that's not what's missing At this park level. With a splendid and sometimes funny decor, you will have Right to a lot of culinary references. It is also evidence that the Cuisine is very steeped and integrated in the history of…

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How to make less queue at Parc Asterix?

Place at Leisure for New Adventures and emotions with the Parc Asterix. But unfortunately as You probably know, you won't be the only ones who want to take advantage of Many attractions of the Parc Asterix. Queues to access Every attraction in the park can become a real fighter course. In This article we share with you some tips to avoid the maximum The expectation with easy and very adaptable practices. Reflexes to avoid Waiting at the Parc Asterix. Choose…

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How to buy tickets for Parc Asterix

The park Asterix was created in 1989 and is installed in the Oise more precisely at 30 miles north of Paris. This park is dedicated to the adventures and the world of the famous Comic strip called Asterix the Gaul. This park has 40 attractions Which are broken down into six zones. From the point of view of the figures, the Parc Asterix is one of the first four amusement parks in France with more than 1.8 Million visitors Attendance…

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How to get there and park at the Parc Asterix?

The park Asterix has been happy since 1989. In fact, families Gauls and many more as ostrogothic. These families come to Most looking for a dynamic and original theme park. This park Also offers very varied attractions with chills and giggles. You are also entitled to the level of this park to a cauldron to the brim of animations Which are diverse and inspired above all the pranks that the heroes have committed Of the Druids ' favorite comics. It…

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At what age can you go alone to the Parc Asterix?

Since its creation in 1989, the Parc Asterix is one of the parks The most famous in France. It is located in Plailly north of Paris in the Department of Oise (Picardy). This symbolic park, dedicated to the character Of Asterix, the ingenious Little Gaul and the universe of comics of Uderzo and Goscinny, has made Attendance prowess, estimated at nearly 2 million Visitors per year. which allows it to occupy the second place in the Ranking of the most…

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