Since its creation in 1989, the Parc Asterix is one of the parks The most famous in France. It is located in Plailly north of Paris in the Department of Oise (Picardy). This symbolic park, dedicated to the character Of Asterix, the ingenious Little Gaul and the universe of comics of Uderzo and Goscinny, has made Attendance prowess, estimated at nearly 2 million Visitors per year. which allows it to occupy the second place in the Ranking of the most popular French parks, behind the Disneyland Paris.

Every year, this fabulous park is Open to the public from spring to autumn with attractions for all Ages and all tastes. However, one wonders at what age children and Teenagers can go to Asterix park alone. Find in the Development of this article, the answers to this concern.

Characteristics of the park Asterix

Asterix is a tourist complex including a park Of attraction and two resorts. The park is made up of six Macrocosms dedicated to the character of Asterix that are: the Via Antiqua, The Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Vikings, through time, Gaul, Egypt. Via Antiqua gives direct access to the heart of the park. It contains Most administrative services like the Caisse. It also includes Several shops and places of restoration. But for some time she is no longer part of the official universes of the park. The Roman Empire is located Just out of the Via Antiqua. This part offers 5 attractions, a Show and presents panels with comic inscriptions. As for the Ancient Greece, it is dedicated to Greek mythology and symbolizes the humour of The comic strip of Uderzo and Goscinny. Seven Attractions and a Show are located there. "The Vikings" is an area that surrounds The expanse of water in the park. It has six attractions. On his behalf, "Through Time" perfectly illustrates the architecture of the City of Paris and contains five attractions and a show. Gaul Also Called "Welcome to the Gauls" has various characters Mythical. It hosts twelve attractions and two shows and the history of The city of Asterix is recreated there. Finally Egypt which represents the largest Investment of the park, is a vast area designed on the theme of Egypt Ancient. It has two attractions.