The park Asterix was created in 1989 and is installed in the Oise more precisely at 30 miles north of Paris. This park is dedicated to the adventures and the world of the famous Comic strip called Asterix the Gaul. This park has 40 attractions Which are broken down into six zones. From the point of view of the figures, the Parc Asterix is one of the first four amusement parks in France with more than 1.8 Million visitors

Attendance and park Attractions Asterix

The Visitors to this site are counted in millions each year. Thus, in 2017, the Parc Asterix has been visited by more than 2 million people. The Attractions Within this park there are 37 including 7 roller coasters and 6 Aquatic attractions. As for the shows. The Parc Asterix offers A show called reverence that involves dolphins and sea lions. This park Also offers three 3 performances a day at the Poseidon Theatre of Shows such as the "Gaul-Romans: The Match," the "low hand on the Mona Lisa "and the" magical Getafix ". These shows last on average 20 to 25 Minutes. It should also be noted that many new Observed each year within this park always to better cheer up and Attract the sympathy of the visitors. It was in this context that the park inaugurated In 2018, a Aérobar (bar aloft). It is a bar that offers a view Unobstructed on the park. Also, a show straight out of the egg made His appearance. This is "from the Rififi in the backyard", which is a Scene dedicated to the farm animals who tried to scare away a Roman of this Gaulish village. In 2017, the Parc Asterix had highlighted a Show called Pegasus Express which is nothing but a great eight Family with a length of 1 km. For the year before or in 2016 Precisely, the show "Discobelix" was born and allows to embark the Visitors on a giant disc that turns on itself while making Aisles back on a bulging rail.

Opening Dates and Times Asterix Park

The Season 2018 has been outstanding for the Asterix park. In fact, the park has Opened its doors to the first visitors on March 31st to close it on the 4th November. The park also had a great time on the occasion of Halloween. You should also know that the park opens every day in April (except from 3 to 6). As for the other months, it is mostly open in the May, then from June 1st to September 2nd without stopping. However, from the Month of September, the park is open only on weekends until the end October. In addition, an opening from 10am to 6pm during the typical days. Of Tickets are therefore required for access to this park. However, there is a request for a Special ticket for Nocturnes organised within the Asterix park.

Ticket Prices Park Asterix

Two ways to buy tickets are offered to attend the shows within this park. The first is to buy tickets online in order to avoid long waiting wires at the caisses. The price of an adult admission ticket (12 years and over) amounts to 49 euros but this price is reduced to 38 euros when the ticket is purchased following an online reservation at least 7 days in advance. As for child admission tickets (from 3 to 11 years inclusive), it is left to 41 euros. However, this price is also reduced when the ticket is purchased online with a reservation of at least 7 days in advance. Note that tickets are free of charge for children under the age of three. Apart from these entry tickets, you can also find cheaper "smart" tickets by purchasing at least 7 days in advance your tickets via the Internet. It is an advantageous rate that you can receive on the site Pass "season" or even on "early booking".