The park Asterix has been happy since 1989. In fact, families Gauls and many more as ostrogothic. These families come to Most looking for a dynamic and original theme park. This park Also offers very varied attractions with chills and giggles. You are also entitled to the level of this park to a cauldron to the brim of animations Which are diverse and inspired above all the pranks that the heroes have committed Of the Druids ' favorite comics. It should also be noted that the Parc Asterix is located in Plailly, Oise Plus Precisely about thirty kilometers from Paris. It must be recognised that this Park is very accessible especially from the Parisian region and its surroundings. What are then the means of easily joining the Parc Asterix and How to park when you are driving?

Go to Asterix park by bus

There are A few years back that would have believed him. No one could predict with Certainty that it would obviously go to Asterix park by bus with a lot of ease and less. All the credit goes to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Which facilitated the journey to the Parc Asterix by making available The famous "Macro Bus". Which made these trips a low-cost bus. It is now possible to access the large park from several cities such as Lille Paris, and Brussels using the company Ouibus. As for The company Flixbus, it serves the Parc Asterix from the cities of Lille, Bruges, Paris, Tourcoing and de Béthune. Also, you can use the Company Isi lines directly from the city of Lille.

Go to the Parc Asterix by the Road

It is Of course possible to join the Parc Asterix via the road. It is Moreover located 35 km north of Paris more precisely on the highway A1 In the direction of Lille. From this highway you have to take the exit Direct Asterix Park between exits 7 and 8.

Go to Asterix Park in VTC

Other Means are also used to go to the level of this park in peace. These include semi-collective transport. The Parc Asterix has Adapted to the technology. So you have the opportunity to go to the park But also to come back using the VTC Uber just at the entrance to the car park P2.

Access to the Parc Asterix in Shuttle

You can also access the Parc Asterix from Paris thanks to the official shuttle Which is set up at the level of the car park of the Carrousel du Louvre (Metro 1 or 7 exit Palais-Royal).

Access to the Parc Asterix by the Public transport

The park Asterix is also accessible by public transport from the airport Charles De Gaulle . To do so, it is advisable to take the RER B3 and Get off at Terminal 1, Terminal 3. Eventually go Dedicated to the amusement park where the hostesses will tell you the Shuttles designed to drive visitors to the park.

Parking of the park Asterix

As seen previously, the Parc Asterix has several car parks that can accommodate the rolling means. However, the question that arises is whether these car parks are free or not. A few years ago, it was quite possible to access the car park free of charge just with a code at the entrance. But for a while, it is no longer valid, so you will have to pay the parking. The Asterix parking is priced at 8 euros per vehicle.