Place at Leisure for New Adventures and emotions with the Parc Asterix. But unfortunately as You probably know, you won't be the only ones who want to take advantage of Many attractions of the Parc Asterix. Queues to access Every attraction in the park can become a real fighter course. In This article we share with you some tips to avoid the maximum The expectation with easy and very adaptable practices. Reflexes to avoid Waiting at the Parc Asterix.

Choose your tour dates differently

It is obvious that on Periods of affluence, school holidays and summer, the Parc Asterix Knows his peak of affluence. Yet you know in advance that the park will be Crowded, so why tempt the devil? Nonetheless, there is a Lots of tricks to choose your date of visit.

Always prefer the First half of July and the last of August. On weekends Prolonged and other, choose priority first and last day Day (s) of the environment because holidaymakers tend to take the road these Days. If you are in a slightly different academic course, choose Preferably the week of vacancy which is not common if possible. What for Do not choose to go to the park during the week? In these times the parks are Mostly deserted. So you'll have the chance to try all the rides Without worrying about queues and all the staff will take great care Of you.

Know everything about your arrival and your stay at the park!

There is nothing more Irritating than waiting in front of the entrances to the Parc Asterix. So be Planning to buy your tickets before you go there. With this trick You are sure to gain time and make a small margin of economics.

Arrive early and leave Late. We advise you to leave the house early in order to avoid Plugs. Do not delay the opening. This will allow you to avoid The confusion on the parking lot and pass on time the security check. Be So a little in advance about the opening time of the park.

A tip that can You seem harmless but very practical, once inside the park, Postpone your lunch. At lunch break hours the queues for The games are less long. To do this, you will avoid the queues In case you have chosen to eat at the Park restaurant.

Be a good Observer. To make the most of the attractions, ignore the attractions That attract the crowd first. You can return to it after you have travelled The attractions are less crowded.

Opt for the Rapidus Pass

Designed to prevent you from To drag you into the ranks, the Rapidus pass allows you to prioritize On the most popular attractions of the Gallic precinct. For this Season 2019, wear your card for the following eight attractions: Pegasus Express, Discobelix, Oziris, Menhir Express, Thunder of Zeus, Trace Hooray, the Great splat and Justforkix.

The mobile app of the Parc Asterix…

You want to do Less effort? This application is made for you.  Free access to Android and IOS, you Have the opportunity to know in advance the waiting times at the level of Every attraction in the park. This app not only has the merit of orienting you inside the The park in relation to the sites but it also makes available to you the Annual calendar of activities. This application is really essential During your entire visit to the Parc Asterix. You select the Animations that may be of interest to you and prevent you from losing Time on some attractions.