Built in 1989 to 30 km north of Paris and more precisely to Plailly in the Oise department, the Asterix Park is a wonderful place Of attraction. It was created in the image of the world of the famous comic strip "Asterix The Gaul" directed by Goscinny and Uderzo. This park Among the best in France in terms of attendance because it is Receives, annually, nearly 2 million visitors. It offers various attractions and shows, distributed in 6 universes whose themes are: Egypt, Gaul, the Roman Empire, Greece, the Vikings and then Through time. " These attractions of all tastes, are dedicated to all Ages especially children. Here are the activities reserved for small tips Cabbage at Parc Asterix.

Attractions for the whole family

The Parc Asterix has many attractions Spectacular moments of intense sensations as well To adults than to children and teenagers. Among these we can Quote: Oziris, which offers a ride in the air at a height of 40 m, Feet in nothingness. Discobélix an amazing attraction that returns The stomach. Pésage Express, a fairground attraction formed by a suite of Slopes and Contrepentes travelled at high speed by a vehicle on rails. It offers a wonderful journey in antiquity with chains of Go-and-come, breathtaking. Justforkix, the galley, the Thunder of Zeus, the Three horse, the track of Hooray and the flying chairs, the Transdemonium, The spies of Caesar, the flight of Icarus, Romus and Rapidus and the challenge of Caesar, are also impressive.

Attractions specially reserved for children

Out of a total of 40 attractions proposed by Parc Asterix, Those planned for children are among other things the rides, the bands Drawn. We can distinguish for the under-6: small tanks Bumper. It is a matter of ousting Roman armies by leaping over them. The small tanks Drakkars: The children are enchanted by sailing on board Dragon-headed ship. The river of Elis is an attraction Original. Indeed, the children go to the quest of ancient Greece through Legendary characters and this aboard a beautiful boat.

Then the round of logs, a small locomotive designed to base Of wood that allows the little ones to go through the famous Druid Forest To reveal to them an exceptional village. As for the age group of 3 to 10 Years, the following rides are intended: Challis which is made for Turn several times in order to mix a kind of potion in full Preparation. It's a stunning ride. Aérodynamix is a machine That suspends children in the air and makes them hover. She has a continuous pedaling system that allows you to climb. In addition, it There is Enigmatix who wants to be very amusing as far as it is enough to Install comfortably to make shuttles of ascents and descents In peace.

Moreover, Hydrolix is a small boat that will drive your Little bits of cabbage at the source of a river. Lavomatix, the Embark in a frenzied race, seated in a laundry tub. There are Also the squadron of Aces which is a flying pendulum dating from the years 1900. There are also small models of flying chairs suitable for Toddlers. On the other hand, there is the Mini carousel which is a tournament where Riders divided into Quadrilles engage in games, exercises and Evolutions. To finish the playgrounds Vikings, Getafix and small oak are accessible and remain very amusing.

Sensational place of amusement, the Parc Asterix has A variety of attractions for children.