The park Asterix occupies a place of choice in the hearts of many visitors since 1989. Indeed, it is a reference to the level of Gallic families and well Others like Ostrogothic for example. Most of these families are headed for This original and dynamic theme park in search of a sensation Unforgettable. And that the park is not lacking. The Parc Asterix offers Varied and diverse attractions with giggles and shivers. In addition to the Attractions, the park also has a cauldron to the brim of animations Various and from the escapades of the heroes of the favorite comics of Druids. In addition, the Parc Asterix is located in Plailly in Oise, at a Thirty kilometers from the capital Paris. At the Parc Asterix, the Attractions are therefore exceptional. There are those who show all the colors. What are then the best attractions to sensations at Parc Asterix? It is at This question that this article intends to answer. So here are the best Attractions of this park.

TOP 1: Oziris

Oziris is undoubtedly the best attraction of the Parc Asterix. This attraction Give the visitors enough turn. Also, many people are reluctant to Before getting into this masterpiece. This attraction with loops, Speed is exceptional. It puts into play a wagon in which you are Comfortably seated but not the feet in the void as one observes Often with a lot of attractions of the genre. At the beginning you can make your Clever but once launched: it's impressive. Wow what an attraction To make you discover shivers and a mixture of feelings. When The attraction stops and you get off, you have a lot of eyes, Stars we mean. Your vocal chords will be crumbling but With a persistent and unbelievable desire to recover from this. And you Would even surprise. It should be noted, however, that despite the twists and loops, Oziris is very well designed to not give you headaches, back or neck. Also, this attraction does not shake you in every way As some attractions do.

TOP 2: Justforkix

This Attraction proposes to offer visitors two tendrils and five loops. This That gives more desire to try this attraction. Justforkix is an attraction is very popular with many visitors to the park. Indeed, it shakes you In every sense where point to make you forget the place where you Find. There are those who even forget the meaning in which they are supposed to walk. It's impressive this attraction.

TOP 3: Thunder of Zeus

Thunder From Zeus, an attraction where you don't regret anything if you want to be shaken. So there to be shaken, you are seriously shaken. It is a real Russian mountain but made of wood, this attraction that not shakes too much but Has very dry turns. With this attraction, you take it full Figure, full ribs Also, it's really exhilarating. It's even sometimes Painful.

TOP 4: The track of Hooray

Exceptional This attraction! She plunges you into a sort of bobsled that is Launched at a brisk pace with curves and downhills of all kinds. The Trace Hooray is a fun, quick and accessible attraction especially to the youngest.

TOP 5: Menhir Express

It's an attraction that comes out all wet. So if you do not want to see you wet or soaked, then it is not advisable to try this attraction. On board This attraction, you are installed in a menhir while strolling through the wire and at the whim of the currents more or less fast. This is the perfect attraction to cool off!