We've all read the comics Or even watched the cartoons of Asterix and Obelix. Our Gallic friends have cradled Our childhood and will continue to rock our children's.

This mythical scenario where a Gallic village resists the Roman Empire thanks to the magic potion concocted By the village Druid remains a classic. This mixture gave a strength Superhuman when we drank a few drops. It was generally given To Asterix unlike Obelix who had fallen into the pot when he was Small.

The band at Asterix has become Famous so much that there has been its adaptation in the cinema and in the Games Video. There is also a famous park in the name of Parc Asterix which receives Millions of visitors each year. It is a park that immerses the visitor in the universe Gauls.

You've heard about it and you Want to enjoy the benefits of this park without any constraint. We will Recommend to read the rest of the article to know a little more about the Park and know the perfect season to visit the park.

Learn more about the Asterix park

Asterix Park is one of the Favorite French Parks. It is a park that is located 30 km from Paris in The Oise region. Close to the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, it is a Theme park that has submerged attractions in the world of Asterix and His gang. With nearly forty attractions in six areas, the Parc Asterix attracts on average more than 1.5 million visitors.

You have attractions to Every taste. For example, fans of thrills have Several attractions to know: the Thunder of Zeus. It's an attraction that You will travel more than 30 m in height with a speed of 80 km/h. You also have the galley with its scary pitching and chairs Flying swirling incessantly. Children will be embarrassed The choice between the Aérodynamix, a machine that flies through the pedaling of its Passengers. You also have plenty of attractions like the little oak tree where you Can visit the Gaulish village. Your children are invited from 13 Years accompanied by a parent.

You can also discover In the Parc Asterix, beautiful waterfalls and special effects plunging Still a little more in the world of Gauls.

You also have the Possibility to watch several shows that recall the different stories Of comics. If you have a small hollow, several restaurants and Bars are at your disposal to restore you.

The perfect season to visit the Asterix Park

Without further detour, the best Season to visit the park of Asterix remains the summer. It's a perfect season To abuse attractions that wet like the Menhir Express or even Again the great splat.

During the summer, Asterix Park Extends the visit up to 22 hours and sometimes until 11pm. So you can enjoy Night outings, light games and attractions in the evening.

You can benefit from Facilities at altitude without fear of catching a flu. You have by Example the Aérobar which is located more than 35 m in height in the Viking area. This is The best place to drink a drink in front of a breathtaking view of the Park. In the summer, You can discover the shows that are done in the open air. You have Also at your disposal the picnic areas that are waiting for you. Get ready to go in the summer, this is the best season for Enjoy all the attractions, all the shows and all the benefits Related to the park.