It is Always admitted to attach the useful to the pleasant. So after the walks and the Visits to the Parc Asterix, it is very important to find a very good Corner in order to enjoy culinary specialties. And that's not what's missing At this park level. With a splendid and sometimes funny decor, you will have Right to a lot of culinary references. It is also evidence that the Cuisine is very steeped and integrated in the history of this little Gaul. Within Of this park, the different parties all have restaurants, stands To cool off but also to counters for food.

Lunch on the Parc Asterix

The park Asterix is a fabulous place to eat is not lacking. In fact, different Catering formulas such as fast food, kiosks Gourmet, sandwiches but also restaurants as a table service or self. To eat well in the Parc Asterix, you can go to the Snack level but also and especially restaurants

The Knights ' halt

This Restaurant offers delicious meals for the good of the visitors. Thus, the Visitors are entitled to a menu whose price differs depending on whether the person Adult or children. As for the menus consisting of burgers, fries, Drink, the price is 9.80 euros for adults while the menus for Children consisting of burger or nuggets, fries, dessert and beverage are sold at An exceptional price of 5.70 euros.

The Gaulish relay

The Relais Gauls is a sandwich shop that offers specialties such as Buffets and many other very nice menus. At the Gallic relay, the vegetables are at will. However, alcoholic beverages as well as coffee are Sold separately.

Godfrey Broth

The The Broth de Godefroy has several buffets very appreciated by the Visitors. In this restaurant, the buffets for adults are at 15 euros While those of children under the age of 11 are at 8 euros. However, it Note that it is a canteen buffet that is offered to children.

The Circus

The Circus is well known for its buffets. Various dishes are offered to Visitors to the park within this restaurant. Among these dishes, you have the Saffron rice and chicken, semolina and chicken tajine. At the exits of the restaurants And snack bars, ice pits but also candy shops Welcome. The sweets of Scapin

The In love with sweets will be able to spend great days in the company of Sweets. Children will not bother you even more at the sight of the sweets of Scapin. Besides, it is very interesting to spend time with children and enjoy themselves while having fun in joy and in a good mood and Atmosphere.

The Real Antique Kitchen Roman

The Culinary information within this Parc Asterix are linked to the chosen theme During the day. So we distinguish unusual restaurants. The most prominent Of these restaurants is the Lugdunum. It is to be noted that this is the only restaurant in France that has the label of the Cnrs. This restaurant makes you daily cover an antique kitchen Roman. This very unusual restaurant is located in Valcabrère-Saint-Bertrand de Comminges. In terms of dishes, this unique restaurant offers The customer disposition of antique dishes such as mussels in Moretum, the sausages of Lucanie, the patina of asparagus, a slice of lamb at Parthian shrimp. And all well accompanied by a honey red wine and Pepper containing herbal teas of all kinds.

Picnic area on the park Asterix The Parc Asterix makes available to its clientele A space (a picnic area) dedicated to bring your own meal and Eat it on the spot.